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Quality Assurance

We are committed to produce those products which fit to customer requirements and putting efforts to ensure fail-safe production processes. Customers may be sure of that we are having Quality Assurance philosophies well in the organization.

A separate Quality Assurance department is fully functional and equipped with modern necessary equipment and experienced team.

We carry out inspection at various stages to ensure the delivery of quality products to our precious and valuable customers.

  1. In-Coming Inspection: We inspect all the in-coming materials and parts thoroughly.
  2. In-Process Inspection: our Quality Executive thoroughly inspects the products during its production processes.
  3. Final Inspection: takes place before supplying it to our precious customers.

That shows our commitment, that how much conscious we are about the quality of our products.

We have increased focused on the Quality Assurance side by setting up a Quality Lab to strengthen our quality standards by adding the following machines:-

  1. Digital Display Rockwell Harness Tester HRS-150
  2. Metallographic Microscope Transmitting & Reflecting XJZ-9
  3. Coating Thickness Tester TT-220
  4. Ultrasonic Flaw Detector CTS-23A
  5. Profile Projector JT-12A
  6. Digital Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine WES-330B