We wish to stay a Company of Choice for our Customers, Employees and Suppliers by continuously improving business processes through Quality Management System.


We have the desire to be and remain a Model of Excellence for our Valued Customers.


The journey of our organization was commenced in 1974 and now it is almost 50 years of our services to the automobile industry of Pakistan. We are proud to be one of the pioneer vendors in Pakistan Automobile Industry.

The Foundation was laid by our Chief Executive and Leading the Brothers Group. With Allah’s Blessings and of his prowess, foresightedness and commitment the company turned into an industry from a small factory.

The Company started its operations as a SHEET METAL stamping unit with limited DIE manufacturing and having couple of clients including NAYADAUR MOTORS and BELA ENGINEERING but presently it mounted too many in sequence. Our clientele list includes all distinguished giants of Automobile Industry of Pakistan.



Keeping in view the current and future challenges, the organization has been focusing on a strong management structure and trying to build a solid foundation for a reliable and smooth operations for a continues quality product deliveries to their valued customers. A well defined and established Supply Chain and Support function division are in place to practically make things happen.

The purpose of this approach is to provide high level of quality services and products, which is the ultimate demand of customer.

Human Resource

Along with all these, the organization is also focusing on quality Human Resource at all levels including tactical and operational and in order to create a skilled and highly motivated workforce for the creation of products and services which again meets the customer requirements and expectations.

Information Technology

The organization well aware of the fact about Information Technology and is continuously paying attention on it and all the best possible required options are being adopted for a smooth, timely and speedily communications and operations. We have a local domain network which is being run by a centralized data server cell, catering the demands of the organization.

Production and Manufacturing Engagement

Brothers Group had been engaged in the manufacturing of broad variety of SHEET METAL components for the local OEMs of 2 and 4 wheelers in Pakistan. A range of complicated and critical parts are being manufactured successfully and delivered to customer.

Our organization believes that the secret of success lies in Localization and indigenization of Parts thus the Group has stretched its production facilities and stepped into FORGING and MACHINING in order to increase its contribution for the local automobile industry. A brand new FORGING LINE had been imported and producing forgings.

The experienced, dedicated and committed workforce of Brothers Group is capable of handling Manufacturing and Production jobs.

Our Engineering and Development department is coupled with the production for the in-house tooling and parts developments. This is a competitive edge for us that all kind of existing and new parts tooling development is done on our own, ultimately provides us a convenience for timely and accurate parts development. All the parts development activities are being carried out with the aid of CAD/CAM and several CNC machining centers, Wire Cuts and Electro Discharge Machines are available for use.

Specialized Products

Over a period of time Brothers Group has developed knowledge and skill in the product development of the following components and may be treated as specialized products.

  • Deep Draw Contract Range Reflector (Commonly known as Street light)
  • Deep Draw Oil Pans for Car, Pick up and Vans
  • Reinforcement Panels for front Dash Boards of Cars
  • Steering Columns and Assembly for Car
  • Stem Steering or Bracket Under for Motorcycles

Meeting Time Requirement

We had purchased and successfully implemented licensed UK origin software to strengthen our Production and Materials Planning process to serve our customers with the paramount of professionalism.

We have moved into two different locations for two separate business entities of around 75,000 and 100,000 square feet each for better production processes and deliveries and endeavoring to be a model of excellence there.


Moreover, the organization is committed to meet present and future demands and challenges of automotive industry by adopting latest technical and business methodologies.

The current and future approach is to consolidate the existing set ups by improving the production lines and management structure and to increase good controls for a quality and cost effective products.