Job Responsibilities:

  • Operating Molding Machines:

Setting up and operating molding machines according to the required specifications and instructions to produce parts or products.

  • Setting Up Molds:

Installing and securing molds in the machine, adjusting settings such as temperature and pressure to ensure proper molding.

  • Monitoring the Process:

Observing the molding process to ensure machines are operating correctly and products are being formed properly. Making adjustments as necessary to maintain quality.

  • Quality Control:

Inspecting finished products for defects or deviations from specifications. Performing tests to ensure products meet quality standards.

  • Maintenance and Repairs:

Performing routine maintenance on molding machines, troubleshooting issues, and making repairs as needed to keep equipment in good working order.

  • Material Handling:

Preparing and loading raw materials into the machine, and managing material inventory to ensure continuous production.

  • Record Keeping:

Documenting production details, machine settings, maintenance activities, and any issues encountered during the molding process.

  • Safety Compliance:

Following safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment, including the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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